Handpan Rhythm

Because Handpan is a great instrument!

A simple editor to write down and share some Handpan rhythms.
Just enter a fancy title, a short description or advice, and your name if you like, then go ahead an record your tune.

I really like to practice a lot of different rhythms, but sometimes I can't remember many of them, thats why.
Have a lot of fun with your Pan!



Track Title


Lost & Found



Why not




Note that the red color is for the right and the blue color is for the left hand.

The Colors

Each color is one side

Handpan Rhythm left Hand Handpan Rhythm right Hand

The Ding

Hit the Ding with the correct hand.

Handpan Rhythm left Ding Handpan Rhythm right Ding

Hit the Nut

Hit any Nut you want with the correct hand.

Handpan Rhythm left Nut Handpan Rhythm right Nut


Ascending the scale somewhere.

Handpan Rhythm left Ascending Handpan Rhythm right Ascending


Descending the scale somewhere.

Handpan Rhythm left Descending Handpan Rhythm right Descending

Ghost Nut

Hit the instrument without any sound.

Handpan Rhythm left Ghostnut Handpan Rhythm right Ghostnut


Lorum Ipsum.

Handpan Rhythm left accent Handpan Rhythm right accent


Lorum Ipsum.

Handpan Rhythm left chord Handpan Rhythm right chord


Hit the field next to the Ding.

Handpan Rhythm left Tak Handpan Rhythm right Tak

Hit the Nut

Just hit the Nut with the matching number. 1 is the lowest and 9 the highest Nut.

Handpan Rhythm left specific Nut Handpan Rhythm right specific Nut

Master the Handpan

With Master the Handpan you can grow fast and with a lot of fun.

Since 2016 David Charrier created his own online handpan school. There're many lessions from the very beginning until the really advanced stuff. For my own experiance I can say that David's school is a good one to start exploring the instrument and it's fun to work with David indeed. At least fun is the most important thing for learning quickly and constantly, isn't it?